Nanna Aida Svendsen
soul time reflections
consciousness evolving, hearts awakening
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Hjärtats tidvarv

52 of my poems sensitively translated into Swedish by Åsa Leander and embellished with 52 photos she has taken of her island in the Stockholm archipelago.

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The Touch of Nordic Light by Wisdom From North

...writing at a time
when hearts 
are being called
to awaken
and consciousness
is being called 
to evolve...

Nanna Aida Svendsen
Notes, Musings and Poems From a Writing Life
In the blog, rough and ready writing from the heart in response to the moment.
In the books, a more refined level of the writing, mostly sourced in the blog, that has had time to be reflected on
and evolve.

“Nanna’s words heal. Her poetry is balm for the soul, a language of the heart that returns us to what matters most in life” Cheryl Richardson.